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A safe space of allowance and exploration for intuitively gifted children of all ages.



Curriculum Vitae



Master of The Arts In Teaching, Western Governors University. WGU is the only school to receive all 6 U.S. regional accreditations. WGU also maintains the only competency-based teacher education program to earn accreditation by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). This places it with such teaching programs as Columbia University, Purdue, Texas A&M, and Northwestern. Cumulative GPA above 3.5. Graduation: May 2010. The four-year MAT program encompassed four educational domains:

Foundations of Teaching: In-depth understanding of classroom management, human development and learning, diversity and inclusion in education, the relationship between schools and society, and meaningful testing and assessment

Effective Teaching Practices: Research-based best-practices teaching methods as applied to: health, visual and performing arts, social studies, math, science, and the language arts.

Instructional Design: Instructional design and improvement was studied both explicitly and throughout the program. Emphasis was placed on the application of design principles in the development of curriculum and learning environments. This allowed me to bring my technical and engineering capabilities into my teaching and education.

Research Fundamentals: Guided me in utilizing valid research methods to test, evolve, and apply my theories and assumptions. Research culminated in my thesis: Utilization of Embedded Recall-cueing for Prior-learning Activation in the Classroom a study exploring the effects of applying neuropsychology research findings regarding learning and recall to the classroom via multimedia technology.

Teaching Degree Program: My studies focused on Pre-K through 8th grade early childhood education. The program fulfilled requirements for the CA Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and credentials for 40 other states via coursework rather than reciprocity. In consideration of my Ed. Psych interests student teaching was supervised by psychologist Rebecca Bauknight, Ph.D. I've passed all CSET Multiple-Subject exams for certification and will be taking the RICA. I also plan biology and computer science authorizations.

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities with a Concentration in Education Methodologies, New College of California. Areas of Study: Education and the Humanities, Global Studies, Ethno-National and Gendered Studies, Islamic Art and Architecture, Histories of Power, Social Science and History, and English Literature. Degree emphasis on Alternative Education Methods. I also studied abroad in the Middle East. Cumulative GPA of 3.6. January 2005.

City College of San Francisco. Areas of Study: Business and Philosophy with an emphasis on Computer Technologies for business. Fulfilled all required courses for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. Also studied: Tai Chi, Japanese, Yoga, and LGBT studies. January 2004.

Castro Valley High School. Ranked in the top twelve high schools in the United States during attendance. Studied all required college prep courses. Also studied French and German languages.  Earned California State awards in Economics of Business and Merchandise Marketing, placing 2nd out of 4000 statewide. June 1990.



Thesis: Utilization of Embedded Recall-cueing for Prior-learning Activation in the Classroom. A study of the effects of multimedia technology use for applying neuropsychology research findings regarding learning and recall to the classroom. This merged my interests and backgrounds in Education, Technology, and Psychology. May 2010

Thesis Project: Intuitive Learning in Children. An Exploration of Childhood Giftedness and the Ways and Means of its Loss. This was an exploration into the development and support of intuitive learning in children.January 2005.


Research Interests

• Educational technology design and implementation
• Educational applications for desktop manufacturing
• Interactive reciprocal feedback systems for education
• Adaptive learning environments (physical and virtual)
• Technology and the development of learning potential


Alternative Education, Experiences, And Studies

I have participated in and supported Native American Sundance Ceremonies and other rituals in both South Dakota and Oregon under the tutelage of two Lakota Sioux medicine men. I have also studied Tibetan Buddhism under my root guru Lama Lodru Rinpoche in the Karma Kagu Lineage. I have additionally studied Sufism with S. Mukhtar Hashemi, attending Zikr ceremonies and lectures in Sanandaj, Iran.

I completed all studies for MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) for Windows. I changed course with the outdating of the OS just before my exams and found the human side of high-tech resonated more passionately so I moved to the management side supporting the senior executive staff of Genentech, Inc., a world leader in biotechnology.

I have practiced meditation, visualization and prayer techniques from various cultural sources such as Tibetan Buddhist, Native American (Lakota Sioux), Sufi, Muslim, Judaic, Christian, Metaphysic and various channeled sources. My exploration and development of my intuitive abilities is ongoing and varied.

I also studied millinery under the direction of DeAnna Gibbons of Brimming Over millinery at the California College of the Arts to explore an interest and develop hat making as both a hobby and a skill in my life.

Studies in psychology, genetic sciences, physics, quantum theory, eco-dwelling, renewable resources, and the culinary arts are also personal passions. I have designed architectural plans for an eco-friendly home, keep updated in the above science fields, and continue endeavors to master varied cuisines.


Certifications, Awards, Affiliations and Further Studies

• Member, National Education Association, 2008
• Primary Java Certification, Sun Microsystems, 1996
• Mass Marketing Certification, State of California, 1990
• Certified Help Desk Professional, Help Desk 2000, 2000
• Updates in Genetic Engineering, San Francisco City College, 1993
• Economics of Business, State Level Award, Placed 2nd/4000, 1990
• Project Management Theory, Concept and Application, Experience Unlimited, 1995
• Member, The California Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2009
• Certified in Adult, Child, and Infant CPR, AED, and First Aid, American Safety and Health Institute, 2010
• Asperger's Disorder & Autism: Update in Understanding & Interventions, New England Ed. Institute, 2007



I am a native speaker of the English Language and have formal studies in both German and Japanese with a brief time studying French. I also have a “traveler’s tongue” of Spanish, American Sign Language, Lakota Sioux and Persian. These can be brought up to beginning conversational levels through study or immersion.



I have traveled extensively both in the United States and globally. I’ve visited almost every state in the U.S. including the Hawaiian Islands. I’ve also traveled abroad to England; the Middle East; San Felipe, Mexico; Vancouver, Canada; and France.


Professional Experiences

Program Director and Lead Teacher Grade-K, Miraloma Educational Enrichment Program (MEEP): San Francisco, CA, MEEP is an after school program that fosters a diverse and in-depth academic and social environment for students to achieve beyond the norm. MEEP is one of the foremost academic enrichment programs in San Francisco.

Responsible for: the development of over 130 students academic studies into: Physics, Geography, Astronomy, Geology, Social Diversity and Inclusion, foreign languages, and Art. These are presented through multimedia rich "play lessons" and disseminated through a structured environment that fosters development of creative thinking, and emotional respect for self and others. 09/05 – Present

Multiple Subject Substitute Teacher, Grades K-8th, Northern Light School: Oakland, CA, Northern Light School provides a private education to children from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Approx. two-thirds of the student body receive tuition assistance and come from at-risk environments. The school’s foundational premise is to focus on excellence in basic academics as well as non-violence, respect for the environment, alternative conflict resolution, and the moral advancement of humanity. Graduates are accepted into some of the most prestigious and rigorous academic programs in the United States.

Substitute teacher for K - 8th grades. Delivered math, sciences, social studies, history, and Language Arts curriculums. Also responsible for developmentally appropriate games and practices for Kindergarten art, physical educations, and play projects. Maintained a Montessori derived environmental structure to support appropriate behavior expectations for all grade levels. 09/04 – 09/05

Executive Support Analyst and Systems Engineer, Genentech, Inc. San Francisco, CA. Promotion to Platinum (2nd / 3rd) level support in first 6 months. Systems configuration & support: 1st, 2nd & Platinum level requiring daily contact and support of the CEO, CFO and other senior executive staff. Also responsible for: Employee technical and customer service training. Hardware / software / network & development consulting to levels 1 thru 4. 08/00 – 04/02

Project Manager, Sun Microsystems, Internal Research & Development: Milpitas, CA, Worked with system developers & engineers from Sun Microsystems, Apple Computer, Inc. & Clarify Corp. to develop & implement a Sales Force Automation solution through data synching between corporate, nomadic & in-house sales force through a centralized server using M.A.E, an Apple GUI running on Sun’s UNIX OS. 10/96 – 02/97

Data Engineer / Systems Management, Macy’s Divisional Advertising: San Francisco, CA, Worked with Divisional President, Technical Director & consultants to develop & deploy a third-party Filemaker Pro based tracking system on Mac OS. Promotion to system management within first three months.  06/91-01/95

Assistant Liaison to the Board of Supervisors, Offices of the Mayor: San Francisco, CA, Internship entailed: project coordination, linked spreadsheet design, development & management on a cross platform LAN. Additionally responsible for: press conference coordination, policy research, development & dispersion, official memoranda generation, written campaigning & work with local / national legislators regarding policy matters.  1/94-6/94

Service / Support Consultant, Compucook, Inc.: San Francisco, CA, Worked directly under Company President to develop the customer service division involving: tech. support training for reps in N.Y. and C.A., action planning, database design & integration. This was a Filemaker Pro relational database designed to track all user & client statistical information nationwide. Was responsible for: design, development, implementation, information funneling & conversion then integration into database using raw data transfer & linking. Also: adapted user manuals through technical writing & design, reconfigured Power Mac & Mac OS 7.5 for shipment as multimedia catalogue / self-order kiosks. 2/96-4/96

Assistant to the CEO, CFO & Controller, Bay Management: San Francisco, CA. Responsible for office management, sales analysis, stock tracking, staff orientation & training. Also budget recommendations reporting to CEO based on cost/efficiency analysis of more than 50 stores. 02/95-5/95



"Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire." - W.B. Yeats


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Again, terms used are indigo, indigo children, crystal, crystal children, psychic children, psychic, children, kids, intuitives, spiritual, new kids are used to desribe the children and the terms of indigo, indigo children, crystal, crystal children, psychic children, psychic, children, kids, intuitives, spiritual, new kids are merely labels. Such labels as indigo, indigo children, crystal, crystal children, psychic children, psychic, children, kids, intuitives, spiritual, new kids can be a limiting of indigo, indigo children, crystal, crystal children, psychic children, psychic, children, kids, intuitives, spiritual, and new kids to less than they true are.

So if such terms as indigo, indigo children, crystal, crystal children, psychic children, psychic, children, kids, intuitives, spiritual, new kids are being used to describe the kids then recognize the limitations of the terms indigo, indigo children, crystal, crystal children, psychic children, psychic, children, kids, intuitives, spiritual, new kids and allow more for the kids themselves.