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A safe space of allowance and exploration for intuitively gifted children of all ages.


Links, Research And Recommendations

Web Sites Of Interest - Global Village School offers a progressive, accredited, customizable K-12 program utilizing online and text-based curriculum. Sensitive to Indigo/Crystal needs. - Homesite of by Jenny Ward, Author, Speaker, Play Activist, Coach, creator of Yoga Playground, and Performer. A wonderful site for remembering that life is meant to be played in by the child in all of us. - Website of the author of one of the best books for intuitively gifted teens I've ever come accross: Teen Psychic. Julia's writing is astonishing in it's clarity and draws on a diversity of traditions and belief systems while being practical in application. Truly a stunning work by a stunning light. The book is available on Amazon for purchase in print and Kindle formats. - Dedicated to furthering the awareness and understanding of gifted and talented individuals - including all types of giftedness from academically gifted to metaphysically/spiritually gifted persons and everything in between. Founded by Wendy Chapman who author of The Complete Idiot's Guide To Indigo Children which can be found on Amazon in print and Kindle formats. - "Empowering today's children to be active participants in creating their own healthy, heart driven, peaceful lives". Information, products and newsletters pertaining to Indigo Children.

Children of the New Earth - Children of the New Earth Online magazine is a brand new, one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge publication devoted exclusively to the evolving needs of today’s new generation of Indigo kids and Crystal children. - A place to re-member. For lightworkers of all kinds. A hub of resources, message boards and information for lightworkers. - Reminders from Home. Messages from The Group as channelled by Steve Rother and home to the monthly newsletter. One of the first mentionings of the term Crystal Children came through in the Beacons of Light channels - Channelled information from Kryon and home to Jan Tober and Lee Carroll author's of "The Indigo Children" and "An Indigo Celebration" which are the best selling books that launched the term indigo children ino the mainstream. - Attunement to the Sublime Healing Art of the Ancients. El'on / Aminya / Damian Nola is Divine Emmisary of the One Heart. He is truly one of the most advanced, gifted and compassionate lightworkers on the planet today. An immaculate and radiant soul, healer, person and personal friend, his Gifts are both beautiful and multi-dimensional. He presents and facilitates both groups and private sessions of healing, spiritual readings, attunments and channell's in the U.K., Iceland and Egypt. A stunning site and a stunning lightworker! - Little Hands That Heal. Providing information for children interested in learning about Reiki, and for their parents in hopes that they offer encouragement and support on their child's journey... Facilitated by Kytka Hilmar-Jezek, Ph.D. and amazing lightworker and reiki master and author of "Reiki for Children" a must read book for everyone. - A spiritual community for everyone on every path concerned with the beautiful and myriad development and eveoloution of all individuals. The site is administered by Hypnostar, a very dear and long time friend who has achieved a wonderfully open and nurturing site that respects those who are lucky enough to explore it. Thank you Hypno, for so much and more. - Studies in Personal Alchemy. A site of reconnecting to Universal Oneness and Multidimensionality through expanding self-awareness via Conscious Channeling, Shadow Work , Rebirthing, Bio-Energy Bodywork, and many other powerful technologies and messages from ""The Reconnections"...a group of Spiritual Guides who introduce themselves as "all those parts of my Greater Self that I had to forget about in order to come into physical form." as described by the channel Daniel Jacob. - Providing therapists, educators and parents with energetic resources that can help you connect more effectively with children. Administered by Jan Yordy an incredible and compassionate light guiding the new children and those who work with them. A gifted therapist, educator, workshop facilitator, lightworker and very reonate energy, Jan is also contributing editor to Children of the New Earth magazine. - "this is the story of a great gift that humankind is giving to ourselves. the appearance and rise of meta-human consciousness on planet earth." A site for the empowerment and support of the new children as facilitated by Daniel Jacobs channel of The Reconnections". Much information, resources, resonance and products for such. - Empowering Children From Within. a resource for parents, educators and lightworkers who desire to better understand and help today's new generation of children. Children Lights offers support, information and programs which help empower children by nurturing their inner wisdom, intuition and spiritual gifts. Administered by Dumari Dancoes, CSC, ATP who is a Certified Spiritual Counselor and Angel Therapy Practitioner; she works with the ascended master and angelic realms as well as is a reiki master. An incredible light grounding compassionate energies for the benefit of us all. - A resource and information site for understanding and teaching indigo children as amninistered by Diana T. Mackiewicz, Ma.Ed. - A Global Network for Lightworkers. Incorporating Information and Resources for Indigo and Crystal Children and Adults and Starseeds, the Starchild Within Each One of Us. Many, many articles of, by and for indigo's, crystal's and other spiritually gifted people in transition. Several articles have helped me personally and are linked to from the articles section of my site. A total must for anyone who feels the Changes happening. - Integrating with Higher Realms. From the site: "The intent of sharing this material with you is first and foremost to show that a clear relationship and dialog with our Higher Self and Beings that abide within Inner Realms is possible"...and, "to share tools that have helped many to enter into the journey of healing the wounds of the inner child"... and, "Finally, we wish to present keys for preparing ourselves to receive the children that will assist in the bringing in of the New Age. These are the Indigo and the Crystal children. They have arrived and must be understood in order for them to fulfill the mission that they have come in with". Enough said. - The official homepage of Bashar, "a multi-dimensional being who speaks through channel Darryl Anka from what we perceive as the future", who " explores a wide-range of subjects with great insight, humor and a profound understanding of how reality creation occurs". I've personally connected and resonate strongly with Bashar's energies and information. - Homesite of Momenta / Cathy Preston, a stunningly talented artist, author, hypnotherapist and close personal soul-friend. Her artwork expresses her explorations into the multi-dimensionality of her being and experiences, her writings reflect her brilliant and aware mind and her site design is as beautiful and creative as she is on all levels of being. She is a resonate light to my own and only keeps shining more brilliantly and clearly as she grows. Also be sure to check out her booksite Return to One available from many places. I send you to her sites with much love. - Making contact with what matters to you. An alternative online radio program heard in over 43 different countries around the world. - Channellings and information from Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman. - Providing space for intercommunication and sharing. Every month you will discover new articles, interesting information from and about the Indigo Children and links to corresponding sites. Designed by Carolina Hehenkamp, teacher, lightworker and author of My Indigo Child, currently being translated from the German. - Psychic Kid’s Spiritual Experiences. Of, By and For creative, gifted, intuitive, psychic, spiritually-awakened, profoundly aware, clairvoyant, clairsentient, multi-sensory, multi-dimensional young people, and for all people remembering their natural birthright. a.k.a. Gifted, Indigo, Star Kids, Blue Ray, Rainbow, Crystal, New Millennium, Mystic Children. Since 1996 - Home of Omni-Emmanuel, channeled by John L. Payne, author of "Omni Reveals The Four Principles of Creation". - The classroom of new spiritual energy. Woven into the fabric of this web site is the safe and sacred energy of Tobias, the Crimson Council, and our family of Shaumbra around the world. Join us in celebrating the New Energy, the journey of the human angel, and the gift of life on Earth in these amazing, transformational times. - Homesite of Karen Bishop who offers some of the most practical, clear and concise information and perceptions I've come accross regarding all the crazy shifts, allignments, experiences, and things that are happening with both our internal and external realities. GOOD STUFF! Thank you Karen Bishop! - A safe space all empaths should check out. Writings, community, and some products for those intuitively feeling their way. - Channelling and information from Elias, "Elias describes himself as a nonphysically focused “energy personality essence". - A site devoted to the Seth / Jane Roberts books and material based on the concepts of reality creation, or conscious creation that were given by Seth, a non-physical entity channeled by Jane Roberts. - L/L Research offers information for spiritual seekers, The Ra Material and Law of One books, and a home for wanderers. L/L Research is dedicated to discovering and sharing information for spiritual advancement of all humankind. This site offers transcripts and publications from our weekly channeling and meditation sessions. A resouce that has helped both others and myself in many ways. - "A beautful colour publication radiating an incredibly high and pure vibration... Articles include well grounded pieces offering practical help in applying spiritual values to everyday life, and a selection of channelled messages covering the more esoteric realms of energy healing."
- Free online encyclopedia.

Books And Movies

(Most of the following books and movies can be purchased from so I've linked them to the appropriate websites relating to them rather than links for purchasing.)

Teen Psychic
The Thundering Years

Spiritual Journaling

Julie Tallard Johnson

What The Bleep Do We Know

I Heart Huckabees

Mattie J. T. Stepanek

The Care And Feeding Of Indigo Children
The Crystal Children
Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

The Convoluted Universe (series)
Three Waves Of Volunteers And The New Earth
Dolores Cannon

Hands down the most amazing information ever to come through for humanity at this time. If you want to know how this universe (and others) REALLY works, what it's all about, what we're going through at this time, and why, Dolores Cannon's Convoluted Universe series and The Three Waves of Volunteers And The New Earth will more than give you what you want to know. All are available here on Amazon in print and Kindle formats.

The Hidden Messages In Water
Masaru Emoto

The Wise Child
Sonia Choquette Ph.D.

Pedagogy Of The Oppressed
Paulo Freire

Love Is In The Earth
A. Melody

The Crystalline Transmission
Katrina Raphael

The Indigo Children
Lee Caroll and Jan Tober

Reiki For Children
 Kytka Hilmar-Jezek, ND, Ph.D.

ESP For Kids
Dr. Tag Powell And Carol Howell Mills

Bubble Kids
Alison Anton

The Ra Material and The Law Of One Books
Don Elkins, Carla L. Rueckert McCarty and James McCarty

Psychic Protection: Creating positive energies for people and places
(A must have book for any sensative, especially empaths.)
William Bloom


By Danny Boyle

An incredibly good movie depiction of a crystal child.


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Again, terms used are indigo, indigo children, crystal, crystal children, psychic children, psychic, children, kids, intuitives, spiritual, new kids are used to desribe the children and the terms of indigo, indigo children, crystal, crystal children, psychic children, psychic, children, kids, intuitives, spiritual, new kids are merely labels. Such labels as indigo, indigo children, crystal, crystal children, psychic children, psychic, children, kids, intuitives, spiritual, new kids can be a limiting of indigo, indigo children, crystal, crystal children, psychic children, psychic, children, kids, intuitives, spiritual, and ew kids to less than they true are.

So if such terms as indigo, indigo children, crystal, crystal children, psychic children, psychic, children, kids, intuitives, spiritual, new kids are being used to describe the kids then recognize the limitations of the terms indigo, indigo children, crystal, crystal children, psychic children, psychic, children, kids, intuitives, spiritual, new kids and allow more for the kids themselves.